A Place of Peace

A Place of Love

Anatolian Dogs

Zion's Oso

There can be heaven on earth, through Jesus Christ our Savior, what we are taught is in heaven can be here and now.  As above so below.  Through faith in our savior,  Jesus Christ.  Repentance, Obedience, Service, LOVE.                           LOVE RESIDES ABOVE THE LAW. 

Nubian Goats

My Zion, a covenant place

AKC registered.  These dogs protect the goats and me.  I have not lost a goat. Bred for disposition and working ability. They live with the goats but you could put them on the bed.

We live in the beautiful Arizona desert.  Majestic mountains and coyotes.  Hot summer, mild winters.  Wonderful people.  Zion is a place in the heart, you can take it with you. It is signified by Peace. ype your paragraph here.


ADGA reg. Genetics are 6M Galaxy and Black Mesa.  I operate a closed herd.  CL free, M-6-S clear, CAE normal.  My benchmark is 1/2 gal a day for yearlings, 1 gal a day for 2 year old and older.  Disposition is very important.  No difficult to handle does or even bucks. 

Arizona Desert