About Zion's Anatolians

AKC registered.  Born in the barn, raised with goats.  Very patient with them.  Beautiful dog.  Dependable with goats at a very young age. I am very pleased.  Again no puppies.

AKC registered stud with a champion in his pedigree. Bred for disposition. Born and raised with goats.  He has been dependable with stock since very young.  Very alpha male.




Best dogs that I have ever owned.   Oso has been calm and dependable  since I picked him up at four months old.  The few times I have corrected him in regard to the goats, he was so hurt, and I have almost always been in the wrong.  In studying the circumstances he was way ahead of me.  He had taken in the situation and I had not completely. I have learned to trust him. I recommend these dogs to protect you and yours.  There are Anatolians and there are Anatolians, these are exceptional.  UPDATE: No puppies, the Lord seems to be saying "No"  maybe in late September for Katie.

                Zion's Katie

My Zion, a covenant place

               Zion's Oso

AKC registered. A new addition to our family.  Absolutely gorgeous female.  Sire Turkish import.  No puppies, she told him don't you dare!

        Zion's Sasha